Barbecue Accessory Launches Revamped Website Under New Ownership

Abbotsford, BC (June 28, 2013) – With new ownership in place, the Island Grillstone™ has launched its first marketing initiative under the new management– a new and improved website with new branding, clearly defined benefits and educational tools on how to use and maintain the innovative barbecue accessory.

Understanding that the majority of the website traffic will need to be educated on the benefits and applications of this ancient cooking technique, the new website focuses on showcasing the product in action with images, suggested recipes and testimonials. Don Hiebert, General Manager of Island Grillstone™, says, “We are especially excited about the launch of our new recipes area. Not only does it display how the Grillstone can be used but it starts a conversation about the product and encourages our customers to get involved and submit their own recipes on the site.” The new website also breaks down the foundational benefits of the Island Grillstone, namely that it is easy to use, prevents flare ups that cause charring, holds the natural flavor of your ingredients, has a flat cooking surface to ensure your food stays on the grill, and best of all, it’s easy to clean!

This is the first of many marketing initiatives to come and is just in time for the barbecue season. Hiebert indicates that the next step is to widen the distribution networks that carry the product and to allow customers from around the globe to purchase an Island Grillstone directly from the website. Concurrently, Hiebert anticipates implementing viral social media initiatives aimed at increasing the mass-market appeal and improving the awareness of this innovative barbecue accessory.

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About Island Grillstone

The Island Grillstone™ is an innovative barbecue accessory made of naturally porous volcanic rock, cut to fit most barbecues. Its’ unique properties allow The Island Grillstone™ to hold the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring.

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