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Q. What can I cook on my Grillstone?

Answer: The Grillstone is best for cooking foods that do not need direct heat and for thin ingredients that have a tendency to fall through the grates. That being said, you can cook practically anything on the Grillstone (just make sure your meats are being cooked all the way through). We’ve just about seen it all. To get started, check out our recipes for ideas!

Q. Where can I buy an Island Grillstone?

Answer: You can buy the Grillstone from anywhere in the world through our online store. You may also find them at some local specialty stores.

Q. How do I clean my Island Grillstone?

Answer: Cleaning is super easy, just cook and flip. See step-by-step instructions here.

Q. What temperatures can my Island Grillstone withstand?

Answer: The Grillstone can withstand temperatures up to 900˚ Fahrenheit.

Q. My Island Grillstone cracked; does it still work?

Answer: Yes, of course! In the end, your Island Grillstone is a quarried piece of volcanic rock, so you can simply piece it back together and continue using it. Might be less convenient than a whole Island Grillstone, but still cooks the same! Do not ever use an epoxy or glue to hold the pieces together.

Q. Do you sell to wholesalers/retailers?

Answer: Yes, if you are interested in adding the Island Grillstone to your product list please contact us.


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